Small Business Saturday 2/12

Where are you from and where do you live now?

Park Slope, Brooklyn.  I live in Little Silver

Tell us about your business! 
We are a high touch, client centric design studio with a focus on making your home as unique and distinctive as you are.  

What’s your background? What made you go into what you’re doing now?

I’ve done several things throughout my life.  I worked for both WNBC and Good Morning America when I graduated from college.  I thought I wanted to be a TV News producer.  After a couple of years, I decided that the climate wasn’t for me…and frankly I didn’t like the news that much…so I left and had a short stint working in Publishing.  My career, before the one I’m in now, was an elementary school teacher.  I taught grades for Ten Years.  8 were spent in an amazing public school in Brooklyn and the other two at a private quaker school in Delaware.

Once we landed in Monmouth County I had two small children and decided I was going to take some time and decide what my next move was.  My husband, whom I met in Med School, had just gotten his first real job post training so we were able to exhale a little.  Well as much as you can exhale when you have two kids under 4.  A friend asked for help with her house and then asked me to start a company so it could be legit.  I looked into it…and the rest is history.  I am largely self taught, I’ve always had an eye and had previously wanted to work in fashion, but did take a handful of classes at the New York School of Interior Design to improve my knowledge and get taught by the best.  It was an incredible learning experience.  Art school is no joke. It definitely helped me hone my eye and become a more exacting designer.

What do you love about having a business in Monmouth County?

I love that I am close enough to major cities and other fun suburbs that my reach as a designer is greater.  I love the supportive community I work within.  I love being able to travel to the city and get major inspiration but then come home to a nice quiet, space place to reflect and be creative.  I also love Asbury because it offers something different and fun and feels closest to what I grew up with.  Not to mention the great business lunches I get to have at all the amazing restaurants.

What has been the most challenging part of running your business during COVID, and how did you overcome it?

Covid was interesting.  I’m a helper by nature and when covid hit we all not only felt scared but we felt alone.  I asked myself at the height of this what I could do to make things better.  Restaurants were struggling and people were stuck at home, fearful and overwhelmed.  What do I do?  I decided to create a program called Design and Dine.  I charged a flat fee for room design and at the end of the project my company would buy you and your family dinner.  We were not only able to help ease a bit of the burden restaurants were feeling with lost revenue.  We were also able to ease your burden as a family and give you a night off from cooking.  People got it.  Ever since then, my business has been nonstop.  I’ve been lucky enough to have hired an amazing assistant who is helping streamline things so that I can help more people live well in their homes.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing more important.  

What are some exciting plans you have for the business in 2022?

Well we’re putting together a new office and working very hard to streamline processes.  We are currently booking projects into the spring so we’re really pleased about that.  We have about a half dozen installations slotted all over Monmouth county and beyond.  We have also been asked to take part in the Little Silver Kitchen Tour on May 6th.  It will be a great tour.  We’re so honored to have our work showcased and grateful to the two women spearheading the whole thing, Heddy Pierson and Keri Tickle.  They are both working moms who have taken on this extra responsibility because they love our town so much and are knocking it out of the park. 

What’s your favorite business in Monmouth County (other than yours!)?

There are so many! Alison Kuchich from Eat Eighty is an amazing health coach/nutritionist. Kelly Cavise is my go-to travel agent for all things Disney. I love Cove Homes.  Todd Coggins is an amazing contractor, incredibly hard working and a nice person to boot.  Rusterholz woodworking is a craftsman with a heart of gold.  No Finer Faux LTD. Chris Saunders is a great wallpaper hanger.  My favorite Doctor, besides my husband, is DR. Feryal Hajee, my daughter’s allergist.  Also I really do love Dani Rubin at Pilates Blast.  She’s got a great personality and she’s smart about your workouts.  It’s very personalized and a lot of fun!  

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